Audio Conference

Audio Conference

Audio Conference

Audio conferencing is where two or more people in different locations use technology like a conference bridge to hold an audio call. Audio conferencing is different from a traditional phone each other. Audio conferencing aims at achieving communications and collaboration simultaneously. Many audio conferencing products may also come with online collaboration of audio meetings.

Communication has received a major uplift with the emergence of web conferencing solutions. Fore mostly, it has pulled down the business travel cost to half, making it an instant favorite among organizations spread across myriad verticals. A considerable growth in productivity is a direct advantage of web conferencing and at the same time, it has smashed down the barrier of distance. It is extremely beneficial for enterprises whereby they can connect to multiple clients and convey the relevant information in real time. It allows a swift and efficient delivery of information ensuring a streamlined communication; a critical factor deciding the functioning of any business.

Audio Conferencing Security

Audio conferences often require a special dial-in code in addition to the phone number to help keep out uninvited users. Some conference systems even allow for the use of an individualized audio pin that identifies specific users to further identify audio conference participants.

Types Of Audio Conferencing

There are two types of audio conferencing: point-to-point and multipoint conferencing systems. The point-to-point conferencing system enables two people located in different locations to collaborate and communicate whereas multipoint conferencing system has the ability to facilitate communication and collaboration for three or more people located in different places.

For audio conferencing to occur, all the users must have the conferencing software installed in their computers or phones. The computers or phones for conferencing must also have speakers and microphones, and a fast internet or data connection.

Benefits And Advantages of Audio Conferencing

Compared to video conferencing, audio conferencing is typically a less expensive, very accessible and easy to set up. But it also lacks some of the richness of a video conference. Like other teleconferencing, audio conferencing can save time and money that would otherwise be spent on business travel to hold physical conferences.

Depending on your specific audio conferencing solution, it may also enable company employees to easily create a web collaboration session with key subject matter experts to rapidly resolve company or customer issues.

With a good audio conferencing platform, you may not need as many full-built-out audio/video conference rooms. Someaudio conferencing platformscan support a number of conferencing hosts, exempt special event connection costs, and come with add-ons. All this makes audio conferencing a great way for more than two people to connect with each other at the same time.

Leveraging the power of audio conferencing, Proactive is assisting businesses to reach out to geographically separated teams. Enterprises are spread across the world, but distance should not be a barrier anymore today when it comes to knowledge transfer and team work. To bridge the distances, they are in constant need of audio conferencing solutions which can enable them to carry real-time interactions, faster decision making, involve teams around the globe and even take customers on the call if required. Proactive provides solutions that are not only cost-effective but also 100% secure.

Audio Conferencing and Web Conferencing Solutions Help Enhance Your Business Processes

Both web conferencing and audio conferencing go a long way in enhancing business process, fostering better communication and collaboration. Real time conference can be initiated by any person in any department that too without any IT team help or interference. Web conferencing solutions provide easy access, file sharing, real time data exchanges, and conferences can even be recorded & saved for future reference. Now-a-days web and audio conferencing solutions are being used across diverse business sectors like medicines, retail, hospitality, banking and finance, education and manufacturing. Looking at its call security and encryption capabilities, government officials have also begun using the solution for their confidential business meetings.