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Call Center Chat Service

Call Center Chat Service

Chat Support Services

You never know when your customers might come up with a question or a problem. It is necessary for you to be prepared for any customer query through any channel of communication. Previously, web chat was confined to personal communications only. Today, it has become a massively used communication channel for businesses as web savvy customers always prefer web chat over other customer service methods. Bluechip Call Center offers outsourced customer support services to help organizations capitalize the potential of live web chat.

Customer Chat support
Web chat is the quickest medium of communication when compared to email and telephone. Customers who are internet savvy would prefer using web chat rather than picking up a phone, dialling the number and going through the IVR system to get support services. We offer professional customer chat support services powered by a team of well trained chat support agents. Outsource your web chat support services to Bluechip Call Center and avail enhanced customer satisfaction.

24×7 Chat support
Our round the clock outsourced chat support services ensure that your customers are replied to by a physical agent whenever they send in a query. Organizations who understand the importance of being there for their customers always opt for 24×7 chat support services and choose outsourcing business methodology to achieve the same.

Website Chat support
Today, it has become necessary for businesses to have the option of live chat on their website. Organizations that run their most of the business over internet must have this feature on their website. Outsourcing website chat support services to Bluechip Call Center allows you to focus on your main business functions while we ensure that your web customers are provided appropriate customer care services.

Order Taking and Tracking Chat Support
Web chat can be very productive for businesses as it allows them to convert a query into a sale without any delay. Our integrated order taking services ensure that all such queries are converted into sales. We can also track the order placed by the online customer and inform them via chat if they enquire.

Email marketing

  • Robust Email Marketing Features
  • Easy to install, setup and use
  • Works right from your PC
  • Unlimited email list size, unlimited personalization
  • Works with your ISP or hosting company or use built-in email (SMTP) server
  • Easy import or copy-paste email lists
  • View personalized message before sending
  • Works with any of your favorite text/HTML editors
  • Can send out emails through multiple email servers simultaneously
  • Send text as well as HTML emails
  • Automatically handles bounced emails and unsubscribe requests
  • Can track if emails are opened
  • No monthly or per-piece fees like those charged by email service companies


Easy to Use

Blast out messages in 3 simple steps

BroadcastByEmail will send the messages, identify any bounced emails (emails that were undeliverable for any reason), and process any requests to unsubscribe to your opt-in list. If you’re sending HTML email and have a website, you will be able to see what percentage of your bulk emails were actually opened, or even if a particular email was opened by the recipient.

  1. Create or import an email list

Simply import a csv file of email addresses or input directly into the software program.

  1. Design The Message

Write an email and identify the custom, personalized parts, e.g., name, product or service name, etc.

  1. Click “Send Now”

Or use the built-in calendar to schedule when you want the message sent. That’s it!

Flexible and Affordable Email Software

BroadcastByEmail is Great For


Works great for opt-in marketing campaigns, newsletters, promotions and special CRM-based campaigns.

Lead Generation

BroadcastByEmail works great for permission-based lead generation, with automatic subscribe & unsubscribe handling.


Use it for volunteer management, debt reminders, delivery and service confirmations

About BroadcastByEmail

Npath Email Marketing software is a simple and easy to use tool for sending and tracking emails. You can send both simple text emails, and color- and photograph-rich HTML email. It’s an ideal tool for opt-in email marketing, newsletter publishing, event management, customer communication and email notifications. With one click, you can send an unlimited number of personalized emails and automatically track if and w

On Premise Software

Npath Email Marketing software is an incredibly affordable communication tool. Simply buy it once and own it for life. There are no additional monthly fees, annual fees, or per-text charges.