Call Center Solution

Call Center Software is an application that has the functionality for managing customer communications coming from multiple channels and sources. It helps agents for making outgoing calls, handling incoming calls, tracking of call metrics, and performing workforce management.

The call center is often where a customer has their first human contact with your business. If you want to retain that customer and maximize their lifetime value, your call center agents need to make a good impression. Being open and friendly, and following suggestions like smiling while they talk is a good start, but your agents should also be able to deliver effective solutions in a timely fashion — whether that means completing a financial transaction, describing product features, or troubleshooting a service issue. Do it well, but do it fast; that is the struggle.

There are a number of different software tools that the best call centers use to increase productivity, process service tickets, manage customer accounts, and support telecommunications infrastructure, all of which contribute to improved and successful call center operations.

In a call center, a group of people handles all

Call center solutions

Call center solutions

In a call center, a group of people handles all the telephonic conversation and the Contact Center is the center for all the customer conversations that happen through phone, email, chat, or social media.

Current Call Center Challenges
As market competition heightens and product offerings proliferate and converge, businesses in almost every industry are being pressured to leverage customer service as a positive differentiator. I.e. you could get the same product for a similar price from providers A and B, but Provider B has a higher customer satisfaction rating, so you choose Provider B.

A lot of this differentiation happens in the call center — accomplished by teams of well-trained agents using sensible workflows, effective software, and a reliable communications infrastructure. Over 60 percent of customer service managers rank customer satisfaction as the most important metric for measuring call center success, followed by first-call resolution, average handle time, and wait time.1 Success in these areas requires more than a cheerful disposition; it requires efficiency and precision, the ability to meet performance standards day after day in spite of high call volumes and a stressful work environment; yet, call centers are notorious for failing at these metrics and, consequently, disappointing customers. In some industries, such as telecommunications, public sector, or utilities, the very phrase “call center” is synonymous with “bad experience.” This can damage your customer relationships and, if left untended, could damage your bottom line.

It’s crucial for call centers to balance accurate problem-solving with efficiency and speed. Even speed itself can be a powerful force in customer service. According to a global survey by LivePerson, 82 percent of consumers say getting “issues resolved quickly” is the number one factor that makes a great customer service experience.2 At a scale of thousands of inbound and outbound calls per day, there’s no way to accomplish this without effective software and automation tools.

What is a Cloud Contact Center Solution?

Ensure a seamless customer experience with minimal investment to streamline complex business communication on a robust Cloud-Based Contact Center Solutions in Hyderabad. With an easy to integrate cloud platform, gain deeper valuable insights into everyday customer conversations.

 Benefits of Cloud Contact Center Solutions

Expand your customer reach with Cloud Contact Center Solution.

Agent’s Performance Insights

Track and record conversations between the agent and customer to gain deeper insights and analyze agents performance.

Easy to Set-up and Activate

With a smart plug-n-play solution integrate your existing CRM software for easy access.

Be Omnipresent

Forward all customer calls to agents mobile numbers, as well as landlines to manage business calls from anywhere.

Minimal Investment with No Capex

A cost-effective Call center solutions in hyderabad that provides comprehensive call management capabilities without infrastructure requirement.

Enhance Caller Experience

Optimize caller experience via personalized regional greetings, customized hold music, and skill-based agent routing.

Enhance Workforce Productivity

Save bandwidth, resources and cost to drive quality customer engagement experiences with an advanced contact center solution.

Common Features:

  • Contact / account management
  • Lead management
  • Sales forecasting
  • Workflow automation
  • Task management
  • Social data integration
  • Collaboration tools (file sharing, internal messaging)
  • Performance management
  • Partner management
  • Reporting / analytics