Cloud Call Center Software

Cloud call center software

Cloud call center software

Cloud-based call center software provides the much needed communication channel between a company and its clients. It is gaining a strong foothold amongst today’s organizations that are looking to create a niche segment. Cloud call center software provides the necessary technology to connect and sustain customer relationships. From call centers, to multichannel contact centers, the NPath solutions is just right for you.

What is a call center software?
A call center software is a tool that helps you handle the inbound and outbound telephony operations of your business. A cloud-based call center software can greatly benefit your business by serving as a central platform to handle all operations like calling, routing, reporting, and measuring agent performance. Call center supervisors and managers can use call center software to track key call center metrics and improve the performance of their customer support team which in turn helps improve end-customer satisfaction.

What are the benefits of a cloud call center ?

Here are some major benefits of a cloud call center.

  • Scalability and Flexibility of business communication abilities.
  • Pay-for-usage model, reducing time and costs in developing tailored solutions.
  • Remote workforce collaboration & communication made easy
  • Less technical manpower required to handle cloud operations
  • Integrate various enterprise applications with cloud communications
  • Improved customer service & business communications


Npath offers tailored cloud telephony solutions for contact centers to scale up and meet the rising industry demands.

Why choose a cloud-based call center software
Switch to a new call center software at minimal cost.Switching your phone system is easy when you are moving to NPat Contact Center. You can let go of your outdated phone system and set up NPath Contact Center with minimal disruption to your existing workflows.Set up call queue and IVR menus with ease using our no-code builder.Port in your existing phone numbers.Connect your SIP phones.Onboard your team to a modern phone system in no time.Add agents and create teams easily through our simple and intuitive UI. Whether they are seasoned customer support agents or new hires.

Easy to navigate and operate,Low learning curve and Start taking calls from day one.Be assured of data security and call quality
We take security seriously and our servers are hosted in a world-class data center that is protected by biometric locks and 24-hour surveillance.Up to date application with latest security patches.Ensuring top-notch call quality through world’s best WebRTC testing tools

NPath call center software in the cloud for a seamless customer experience

Implement latest-generation, all-in-one call center software technology. Designed to manage customer interactions like a single conversation, NPath cloud call center software is a simple and user-friendly tool to manage all communication channels—voice, text messages, web, chat, e-mails, WhatsApp and social media—in a single platform that integrates seamlessly with your CRM application to deliver personalized customer interactions.

NPath is the market leader in cloud call center software and in customer experience optimization for customer service, sales, telemarketing and debt collection. Our call center software solutions are constantly enriched to better meet your needs and offer all of the features and flexibility you need for an exceptional customer experience.

 What are some features of a cloud telephony network ?

Contact telephony solutions offer the following features

  • Track numbers and call details for easy management
  • Access caller details, like name, contact number, subscription status, and call handling time
  • Route calls based on priority to the concerned agent, or next available associate
  • With minimal infrastructure requirements, cloud telephony solutions are highly customizable. Save space, time & costs.
  • Enhanced customer experience – Real-time updates, analytics, and efficient communications.
  • With a Cloud call center software in hyderabad, businesses gain insights into how to improve existing patterns for a more efficient framework driven by cloud technology.