GSM Gateway

We are a GSM call center, which can easily monitor, track, manage and route telephone calls to clients. GSM call center suite with IP PBX functionality and can make call center technology in a low budget. GSM call center suite has the functionality of both GSM Gateway as well as call center software. Our GSM call center suite is capable of multiple trunk setups like inbuilt SIP trunks for international/Domestic trunk connectivity through the GSM gateway.

GSM Gateway Solutions

GSM Gateway Solutions

we are leading GSM Call Center Solutions in India. We are a trusted service provider of GSM call center suite in New Delhi, India. We manufacture a GSM call center suite with call monitoring, ACD, IVRS, CRM, Predictive dialing etc. GSM call center suite can be used for inbound as well as outbound call center in New Delhi, India.

A reliable phone system is integral to any business’ operations no matter what your size. Having the right system in place ensures you can effectively manage your calls and communication flow at all hours of the day and night. Whether it’s diverting to voicemail, voice to email, setting up conference calls, call accounting, call recording, virtual receptionist, music on hold, mobility, or having simple call forwarding features, NPath Systems can customize a solution to meet all your business needs today, and as you grow into the future.

NPathSystems offers the perfect GSM gateway solution for your organization. GSM Gateways are best choice for connecting mobile devices to your phone system. GSM Gateways use a SIM card and connect with a cellular tower. They convert the cellular connection to SIP and provide the connection as a trunk to a VoIP PBX. That means you can be smart with routing rules and make calls to mobile networks from a “mobile line” which really cuts out the costing factors that make things expensive.

GSM Gateways are perfect for a connection in places where inexpensive analog or SIP connections are not available. They are ideal for remote locations where you have cellular connection but no Internet. If need be, with a GSM Gateway you can create and run you entire remote phone system off of back up power and a cell tower.

Simple & Easy: All you need is the right equipment, a low-cost carrier and someone to send you the calling traffic and you can even work from your house.
Profitable: In a business environment where the communication includes the telephone call to mobile networks (GSM) need to pay excessively for the mobile calls.
GSM Gateway enables you to use your business phones with a mobile connection where you do not have a SIP connection or you decide to use a mobile network as your preferred outgoing line to reduce your monthly phone bills.

GSM Call Center Suite Software for Small Business

We offer GSM call center suite software to manage inbound and outbound calls for small businesses. GSM call center suite software improve the efficiency of small business.GSM call center suite software is a strong unified communication system most suitable for small business call center applications.

GSM Call Center Appliance

GSM Call center suite Appliance empowers supervisors, managers and employees by providing all the required tools for running call center. = GSM call center Appliance is a small box but rich in features& stable hardware. GSM call center appliance is an innovative call center software at efficient price. GSM call center Appliance includes multiple integrated components that are used in call centers so that efficiency of call centers can be improved.

GSM Gateway solution

GSM gateways help your call centre make use of the GSM infrastructure, enabling you to make the best advantage of the GSM schemes available today and cut costs exponentially.GSM based calling is cheaper and cost efficient compared to PRI.

Advantages of GSM Gateway

Easy Implementation

Installation and implementation are easy when compared to other devices. It is very easy to configure GSM gateway and it immediately starts routing once it is installed

Enhance communication

In business customer calls are very important. Missed calls not only affects the business but also affects customer relationship with the company. Doing recalls affects the cost and time of the company. By using GSM gateway you won’t miss any important calls which in turn reduces the cost


Humans tend to answer calls more from a mobile number as compared to a landline number. Resulting in high Answer Seizure ratio, which in turn means better ROI


At times numbers might get blocked due to some misunderstanding or wrong usage. In this solution SIMs can be changed, thereby ensuring business continuity