Helpdesk Software

Help desk software is designed to provide a customer with information and support regarding a company’s products or services. Customer inquiries are typically submitted via multiple channels including email, phone, or social media.

Help desk software provides a ticketing system for staff to organize and respond to customer inquiries as well as create information portals on the company’s website. Help desk platforms are used by customer service teams to streamline the support process and provide analytics into customer engagement across all communication channels. Help desk software may contain additional self-service, social customer service integrations or live chat software modules, or they possess those capabilities to create a complete customer service experience. Those that strictly concentrate on customer support tickets often integrate or run side-by-side with these other customer engagement products.

To qualify for inclusion in the Help Desk category, a product must:

  • Organize external customer inquiries into tickets for support agents
  • Aggregate inquiries from emails and a customer portal
  • Assign tickets to support agents for prompt service

Who can use a helpdesk software?

Helpdesk for Small Business

Small and Medium sized businesses have very similar requirements. Small sized businesses require helpdesk software with powerful automation capabilities. The automations enable the support teams to focus purely on answering tickets while it automatically takes care of routine helpdesk tasks. Mid-sized businesses are focusing almost exclusively on growing rapidly. They need a fast, scalable solution that helps their teams be as efficient as possible – A good helpdesk software can help in both situations.

  • Helpdesk software can automatically tag, categorize and prioritize incoming requests and assign these queries to your agents based on your requirements
  • Helpdesk software are much more efficient than email since you don’t have to juggle the same inbox, folder structures and logins between various team members.
  • A helpdesk software can help you setup SLA policies to ensure your agents honor deadlines for solving customer problems. In case deadlines aren’t met, helpdesks can also automatically escalate tickets to managers.
  • A good helpdesk software will automatically ensure that multiple agents aren’t trying to answer the same ticket and stop customers from being spammed by multiple responses from your agents.

Helpdesk for Enterprises

Enterprises require different teams to work cohesively together and without impacting efficiency to come up with responses for their customers. Enterprises need a way to measure their team’s performance and implement strategies to improve rapidly where necessary. A  helpdesk software can help enterprises in the following ways:

  • An enterprise-grade helpdesk software can intelligently manage agent availability across shifts, geographies, time zones, languages and route tickets to the right agent to get the quickest response possible.
  • A versatile helpdesk software can integrate with other tools the business uses such as CRM software, billing and payment systems, package trackers and so on to get the right information necessary to solve a ticket.
  • A good helpdesk software brings your sales, marketing and support teams together. It increases visibility into each other’s workload and enables them to work together better.
  • Any good helpdesk needs to be compliant with industry standards for data protection like TRUSTe, ISO 27001:2013, SSAE – 16 & HIPAA, SOC I, II, III and so on. Make sure the helpdesk you choose has data centers across the globe as well as enterprise class in-product security features to help you manage your data security challenges.