IP PBX Solution for Corporate Houses from across the world, which helps minimizing their monthly Telephony expenditure while providing a more efficient channel of communication.

IP PBX Management System delivers a full portfolio of business communication functions over a single, “converged” network connection.

SIP compliant IP PBX provides a comprehensive array of individual stations and call management features with codec support.

IP-PBX System

IP-PBX System

You can make use of IP Telephone sets, a PC with SoftPhone software (Webphone, Dialer), or Analog telephones (via media hubs), Wireless Phone, ISDN or Key Phones to access the services.


24/7 ACD Virtual Receptionists

Create and auto-rotate different auto attendants for any occasion, including holidays, vacation days, and your company’s off-hours. Voicent PBX will handle and route calls to agents and voicemail, 24 by 7 every day of the year. Packed with robust features such as music on hold, professional greetings, text to speech, and multi-level menu options, Voicent PBX is reliable, scalable, and flexible.

Hands-Free Conversations

Voicent PBX comes with unlimited free softphones that allow your agents to have completely hands-free conversation with their clients. After your PBX Virtual Receptionist routes callers to the correct extension, all you and your agents need to pick up phone calls are the Agent Dashboard™ softphone and a headset. In the dashboard, agents can forward, transfer to voicemail, flip, and park calls with a single click.

Built-in CRM

You can say goodbye to time-consuming integrations between your business phone and your database. Our built-in CRM automatically tracks callers and displays a screen popup for connected calls, where agents can enter notes, pull up contact history, and see previous purchases. Upload your existing CRM data with a few clicks, or plug and play your existing CRM software.

Robust PBX Features

By using Npath t PBX, you can deliver high-quality inbound call experiences for anyone who dials your business phone. Plus, with robust PBX features such as ACD call queues, voicemail to email, conference calling, and real-time reports, motivating and managing your agents is easy and affordable.

  • Auto Attendant
  • ACD Call Queues
  • Forward Calls
  • Park & Unpark Calls
  • Setup Conference Calls
  • Flip Calls
  • Voicemail to Email
  • CRM Integrations
  • CRM Record Popup
  • Dynamic Call Scripts
  • Extensions & Departments
  • Agent Presence

On Premise PBX Option

When you buy on-premise Voicent software, we make sure you get the most out of your purchase. On-premise software purchases get you a lifetime software license that you never have to renew. There are no annual fees, no monthly fees, and no charge per

We provide a complete package of IP/PBX which helps corporate and small business with more cost effective options for Voice Traffic, Enterprise Data and Phone Networks Merged, Lower Cost Moves, Adds, Changes, etc.

Collectively, these features will provide the necessary boost to your organization; empower it to climb the stairs of success by increasing the efficiency and overall productivity.