phone number masking service

Mask your call center number to make the conversation personal

Your callers always receive personal calls even while using your business number

What is call masking? Why mask phone numbers?

Growing businesses with a virtual workforce needs a smart, nimble cloud PBX system to support their growth. Sometimes, calls will have to be made to customers who are expecting your personal mobile phone number. If you and your team were to call customers directly from your mobile phones, they would be unaccounted for, without any recordings of your conversations and will definitely be outside your purview. The Call Masking functionality of Freshcaller, lets you make calls from your business call center but disguised as a personal number. You can use this functionality to make your business seem personal and local to your customers.

Mask your helpline number

Establish yourself as a local presence by buying a local number for that location and using it to mask your helpline number.

Reach customers easily

Customers can contact you easily when they are familiar with local numbers as well as use of toll-free numbers.

Perform secure call masking

Enjoy secure call masking with phone number verification to prevent spamming.

Route calls to the right agent

Automatically distribute incoming calls from purchased numbers to agents logged into the helpdesk depending on their availability.

Buy numbers around the world

Purchase phone numbers for over 40 countries and use them to mask your existing helpline number.

How call masking is used by businesses across industries?

To monitor transactions in whitegoods industry

Businesses providing professional services to consumers majorly use call masking to safeguard customer privacy by providing them a secure communication platform. When the service professional wants to connect with the consumer, they have to dial a masked phone number instead of their personal number. This empowers businesses to ensure that customer data is safe and their privacy is not compromised. Besides this, call masking solution also allows businesses to verify all the service-related updates given by the professionals and know the exact status of the service.

To supervise communication in cab aggregator market

Companies providing cab facility to customers across the cities utilize call masking solution to monitor the on-call communication between the driver and rider. As the driver is assigned to the rider, a masked number is allotted to them for further communication. Any conversation regarding the ride is done through the masked number only. This ensures complete supervision of the conversation and privacy of the ride taker and ride giver and prevents off-platform transactions between both the parties.

To ensure safe conversations in logistics sector

Businesses involved in the logistics service use number masking to track conversations between the consumer and delivery agent. A masked number of the delivery agent is sent to the consumer through the text message and vice-versa for the agent. Further to this, all interactions regarding the delivery take place through the masked number, assuring a protected delivery experience. Also, number masking solution eliminates the chances of false delivery updates by the delivery agent and assists businesses to see the correct status of the order delivery.