Web Video Conference

New Normal has forced us into Physical Distancing

Real face to face discussions is not possible due to the pandemic. Remote is the new Normal and is here to stay longer. Many businesses have announced work from home extension till the end of 2021 while many see a hybrid setup becoming a reality post the pandemic.

Existing Communication Channels can’t Replace Physical Meetings

The existing communication channels of voice, bot, email, and chat operate in silos and break the communication, making it inefficient.

How can Video Contact Center Help to Improve Digital Sales & Customer Service

Reduce Cost by Replacing Physical Meetings with Video Interactions

Use the live video chat platform to have real-time face to face discussions with your customers for sales, servicing, or relationship management.

Increase First Call Resolution and NPS

With video contact center software, you can have a real-time exchange of additional information, including non-verbal body language, thus helping your agents reduce the time to address customer queries

Increase Efficiency with Quality Monitoring & Analytics

With video chat software for contact center replacing physical meetings, you have more control over the quality of calls and can now use Analytics to improve your call center agents’ efficiency. 

Win Customers Trust By Humanizing the Contact Center

In these pandemic times, call center calls have increased, and human interactions are required to address the customers’ anxiety rather than having them interact with a bot. With a video contact center, you can put a human face to your customer Interactions and win their trust